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Dynamic Load Balancer

The EV Balancer is a load management system that integrates with existing building wiring and supports up to 16 electric vehicle (EV) chargers.

Balancer dynamically monitors available power and communicates with connected chargers to ensure each receives equal power, allowing for easy expansion with additional chargers in the future without exceeding the building's safe power limits.


Scalable Design
Balancer detects and accommodates up to 16 connected EV chargers effortlessly. Future-proofing EV installations, ensuring businesses can easily expand their EV charging capacity.

Reliable Charging:
Balancer ensures that each EV charger receives some level of power, even during peak demand periods. No more downtime, no more disruptions—just continuous charging, day in and day out!

Fair and Efficient Power Distribution:
Balancer dynamically adjusts available power according to the building’s demands, facilitating faster charging during periods of lower building demand.

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