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What is a ‘smart EV charging’, and are Sync EV BG chargers Smart?

Smart EV chargers in their simplest form are chargers which are connected to the internet. The main purpose of this connection is to ensure that the device can be updated with firmware and software, especially as new software and technologies are released into the market.

However, being smart also factors in the ability to utilise renewable energy sources and the ability to integrate with times of use and economy tariffs, and also balance power demand with the property and main electricity grid. SyncEV BG are Smart chargers, and feature OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) – the global standard for EV charger communication.

Benefits of Smart Charging:

Save Money

Optimised charging with economy and times-of-use electricity tariffs to reduce your bills

Environmentally friendly charging

Reduce your environmental footprint by avoiding peak charging hours.  Smart scheduling allows your EV to charge using energy from the Grid generated using sustainable sources, such as solar, wind or water

Charge faster and safer

SyncEV BG chargers actively communicate with your EV to ensure the fastest (up to 7.2kW) and safest connection at all times to prevent overcharging or damage to your battery.
We also use the latest safety technologies to ensure your family is protected at all times.


Smart charging requires little effort – when you get home just plug your EV into the smart chargepoint. The smart functionality ensures the vehicle is charged by the time set by the user.

Smart Charging FAQ’s

You will be notified when updates and the new features we have been working on are available. To update your software, simply select the update option via the app.

The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCCP) is a global communication standard for EV chargers and the networks that they run on.

OCCP offers:

Flexibility - With some EV charging stations, the hardware only works with its own brand of software. That means you're locked in to paying their networking fees in order to keep your charger online. When you choose an OCPP-compliant charging solution, you can change your network whenever you want.

Security - If you purchase non-OCPP charging station and the manufacturer goes out of business your charger will stop working. With OCPP interoperability, you never have to worry about these kinds of stranded assets.

Competitiveness – You’re in control to choose the software that’s right for you, meaning service providers actively develop their software to the become the most feature-rich, user-friendly and up-to-date solutions.

Yes, you can plug an electric vehicle into a regular outlet/socket using a Mode 2 charger (find out more about Charging Modes here),but you will only be able to charge at the rate of up to 2.3kWh. This low rate of charging could take over 26 hours to fully charge from empty based on a typical 60kWh battery BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle).

Mode 2 is not Smart charging.

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