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A greener, cheaper, simpler way to charge your EV

Smart charging your electric vehicle with is the easy way to lower carbon and save money off your home energy bill.

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How does it work?


Set your ready by time; we'll communicate with your car and take care of the rest


Save money and CO2 by automatically charging when greener, cheaper energy is more readily available


Keep track of the cost and energy of your charging sessions at home and away

Save money and lower your carbon impact when charging at home

  • We'll manage your charging and automatically charge your vehicle during your energy supplier's off-peak period.
  • Rest easy! Our platform communicates with your EV battery to make sure your car is ready to go when you need it
  • Want your car to charge right away? Override our smart charging schedule at any time by simply tapping the Boost button.
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Easily track your usage

Our app provides visibility on the cost, energy and carbon impact of your charging sessions, at home and on-the-go.

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Get rewarded for charging

Use our app to complete smart charges of at least 10kWh each, earn reward points and use them to redeem rewards.

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Charge your EV with 100% solar energy

Connect your home solar power for a greener, cheaper charge. Our clever solar smart charging algorithm uses your self-generated solar power to deliver 100% renewable energy to your EV.

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Download the app today

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Are you an installer? Visit the installer portal to download the BG SyncEV commissioning app