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Ready to charge smarter?

Ready to charge smarter? So you've downloaded the app and now its time to get set-up. Here is our step-by-step guide to the app.

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You will need...

Setting up is easy if you have everything you need prepared in advance.

  • Your vehicle make and model
  • Details on your home charging setup
  • Your home address
  • Your energy supplier and rate/tariff (if you want to save money and see accurate pricing datađź’°)
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Open your account

Open the app and create an account by setting your email and password.

Tip: Saying 'Yes' to us contacting you means you will always stay up to date with the latest news and offers such as rewards for smart charging.

How we keep your information safe
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Connect your car

Add your vehicle details with either your car registration (UK only) or by selecting from our list of compatible cars.

If we're able to connect directly with your car, login with your car account details to allow us access

No connected car? No problem. We can still get you set-up if you have one of our compatible home chargers.

More information on our car integrations
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Connect your charger

Either select your charger from our list of partners or add your own.

If we can connect to your car, we don't need to connect to your charger

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Tell us your charging location

This is the address of your home charger. We need this to get accurate information from your energy provider on the carbon intensity of the energy in your area.

It is this is that allows us to save you money and reduce your carbon impact.

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Select your energy provider & tariff/rate (optional)

Looking to save some money on your charging?

First, select your energy provider. This is the name of the company at the top of your energy bill.

Next, select your rate or tariff. You can normally find this on your energy bill or in your energy providers confirmation email.

The smart charging algorithm will still optimise for green energy and low demand on the grid.

No matter your tariff, you'll earn rewards!

Top Tip: Use our handy search function to quickly find your provider and tariff/rate.

Changing and updating your tariff
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Congratulations - you are set up!

Turn on smart charging to get the most from our app

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Next steps - Your first charge

When you next plug in your car, head to the app and set the time you want your car ready by. Our smart charging algorithm will use your energy tariff and a carbon forecast to plan your EV charging for the cheapest, greenest times.

It's effortless: to start saving, just tell us when you need your car ready by. We'll do the rest.

next steps

The app will stay on top of fluctuating energy prices and switch your charger on and off automatically so that you can enjoy smarter, cheaper and greener charging without even having to think about it, fitting perfectly into your daily routine.

You can override the usual settings by pressing the Boost button in the app if you need your vehicle sooner and want to charge it right away.